Nominalised writing a letter

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How to Write a Notarized Letter

An example should make this clear. How to Write a Notarized Letter By Anna Green - Updated June 15, A notarized letter is one that you sign in front of a notary public or licensed agent of the.

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Back to home Academic English - Summarising and paraphrasing. Summarising and paraphrasing are both very important skills in academic writing.

Paraphrasing is rewriting a text in other words, substituting the vocabulary, changing the grammatical structures and word order of a text. Nominalised single letters are neuter: das A das B das C das D However, the letter case of individual letters of a word is not changed: das a in Land.

Avoid using nominalised verbs (where verb is made into a noun). For example, use 'decided' instead of 'made a decision'. Examples of plain English writing 'use' instead of 'utilise' 'although.

Nominalised writing a letter
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