Write a dispute letter to collection agency

If the Credit Reporting Agency Does Not Correct Your Report: What to Do

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Debt Validation Letter – What happens when I send one?

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Are you behind in your bills? Or have you been confused with someone else who is delinquent in his or her bills? Received a call from automated message asking for me on my cell phone.

I pressed the corresponding menu option. A Lady named Cynthia ** said it was with Global Acquisitions. Sample Letter: Disputing a Debt with a Collection Agency [Date] [Collection Agency Name] [Collection Agency Address] [Re: Your account number, if known] To Whom It May Concern: I wish to dispute the following charges that your company is attempting collection of: [List charges].

If you dispute an item in your credit report, and the credit reporting agency refuses to correct it, there are additional steps you can take to remedy the problem. Sep 23,  · There is no shortage of collection law articles on the internet -- however, they are often written for consumers in an alarmist tone, and don't deal with some important aspects, like the proper way to pay an agency.

I am writing in response to your letter or phone call dated _____. I do not believe that I owe this debt or what you say I owe. Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Section (b), Validating.

Write a dispute letter to collection agency
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