Write a letter to senator boxer

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Letter to Senator Boxer Supporting her Early Language Proficiency Act

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CU letter to Senator Boxer regarding the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

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If you are in the Military and stationed outside of Florida, please select 'Military Personnel' in the list of topics below and fill out the form with your Florida address and include your Military address in the body of the text area. The letter from Sen.

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Barbara Boxer sent Wednesday morning requesting that the US Immigration and Customs Service investigate employment practices at Trump Model Management. Click to enlarge.

Sen. The Honorable Barbara Boxer Chairwoman, Environment and Public Works Committee United States Senate Washington, DC Dear Senator Boxer: Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America and National Consumers League have worked for decades to protect consumers.

Sponsored legislation by Barbara Boxer, the Senator from California - in Congress from through Senator Boxer is a leader in the fight to protect children from e-cigarettes and the author of the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act, legislation to prohibit the.

Would you be ok with a “health finding” forcing taxpayers to pay for free bacon? Even if certain religions prohibit it? Even if a rigged study showed that 98% of all Jewish eaters eat bacon, would you be ok forcing Jewish people to pay for other peoples’ bacon?

Write a letter to senator boxer
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Open Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer - The National Center