Writing a kairos letter

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Dear JR (a letter to my brother while he is at Kairos-a Catholic high school retreat)

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Kairos retreat letters are letters of encouragement written by family, friends or anyone who has a relationship with a student who has gone on a Kairos spiritual retreat. Anyone interested in writing to someone on the retreat can write multiple letters. Kairos in Ancient Greek meant “time” – but it wasn’t just any time, it was exactly the right time.

Clear Kairos examples and definition. This article will show you the importance of using Kairos. The Kairos Lynaugh Unit supports the ongoing activities of the Kairos International ministry at the Lynaugh Unit in Fort Stockton, Texas.

Kairos is an ecuminical prison ministry. Writing Agape Letters. Writing "Agape" Letter. May 29,  · It is a very meaningful experience, and one of the traditions of Kairos, at least of our Kairos, was that people who had already attended Kairos would write letters to the girls who were currently on the retreat, and we were given the letters to read on the retreat during down time.

Sep 07,  · Writing a kairos letter.? my boyfriend of two years is going on kairos in about a week or so, and i need to write him a letter. for those who don't know, kairos is a retreat where you learn about yourself and the other people who are on it with instituteforzentherapy.com: Resolved.

Alex Tang, Kairos Spiritual Formation - resource for spiritual formation, Christian spirituality and spiritual direction.

Writing a kairos letter
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Writing Agape Letters - Kairos Lynaugh Unit, Fort Stockton, Texas