Writing a secret admirer letter

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An episode of Jimmy Two-Shoes had Jimmy writing a love letter for Cerbee to Jez's dog, the plan was to give it to Jez to read to Jasmine.

However, when Beezy gives it to his father, he says "This is from Jez," and it's only after they part that he wonders "Or was it for Jez?" Doug receives several letters in his locker from a secret admirer.


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He'd been up writing that letter for hours the night before making sure it was just right. He tied the letter to the owls leg, gave it the name of the letters' recipient and headed down to breakfast. Sincerely, Your Secret Admirer. Hermione felt a blush creep up her cheeks as she read the words to herself.

Sure, she thought most of these.

The World's Strangest Letter From a Secret Admirer Writing a secret admirer letter
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